Becoming a Witch
Witchcraft 101

  So, you want to become a witch...

These pages comprise a home study course written by myself. It includes excerpts from books as well as my own private practices.
The information within these pages is by no means the "only way". They are simply a compilation of my own beliefs and
of some traditional Wiccan beliefs. It is wise to try many different paths and to read as many other books as possible.

Traditionally, witches were taught the craft in "a year and a day" - this being the 13 months of the pagan calendar. This course has been divided into 13 different chapters encompassing 60 different lessons. Each lesson can be learned over the course of one month as is traditional, or you can learn it as you see fit. The traditional ways are not always the right ways or the easiest ways. It is best to learn at your own pace. Be sure to copy all notes into a book of shadows. This can be a simple notebook to begin with. When you have gathered your information and know what you want to include in your actual book, you can transfer them to something nicer. This course was designed for solitary witches only. If you wish  to learn about coven magic, please consult "Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft" by Raymond Buckland.


Lesson 1

What is Wicca?
The Book of Shadows
Wiccan Rede
The Full Wiccan Rede 
The Witches Rune 
Witches Creed 
13 Goals of a Witch 
Charge of the Goddess 
Charge of the God 
The Four Powers of the Magus

Lesson 2

Principles of Belief
Types of Witches
Magical Jargon
Magic vs. Science

Lesson 3

Days of Celebration
The Esbats
The Pentacle
Defining the All - Pantheons
List of Gods and Goddesses
Magical Names

Lesson 4

Heal Thyself
Sacred Spaces

Lesson 5

The Altar
Altar Tools
Dress and Jewelry
Tools in the Witches Cabinet

Lesson 6

The Elements
Holy Water
Cleansing, Consecrating and Charging


Personal Journal
Dream Journal
Book of Shadows
Magical Writing

Lesson 8

Designing Rituals
Performing Rituals
Casting the Circle
Closing the Circle
Dedication Ritual


Using Candles
Using Poppets

Lesson 10

The Chakras

Lesson 11

The Pendulum

Lesson 12

Astral Projection

Lesson 13

Death and Reincarnation
Becoming a Witch


If you have finished the above course and would like some further study,
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