The Runes

Pronunciation: (fay-who)  Variations: Feoh    Letter: F     Meaning: wealth, cattle
Runic spell - To hasten affairs to another stage, increase in monetary wealth, protection of valuables.
Divination - Depicting the horns of a cattle or an oxen this rune originally represented material wealth in the form of livestock. It signified the fertility of the fields. Fehu is a symbol of bounty and fertility.

Pronunciation: (oo-rooz)  Variations: Ur    Letter: U     Meaning: Order
Runic spell -To draw new situations into your life.
Divination - Depicting the horns of extinct ox (aurochs: a large, long horned wild ox). Uruz represents the freedom and strength of the aurochs and is symbol of sexual energy, physical health and creative power.

Pronunciation: (thoor-ee-saws)  Variations: Porn    Letter: TH     Meaning: Thorn
Runic spell -New beginnings, use when you need luck, protection, when circumstances are beyond your control, defense, neutralization of enemies.
Divination -Associated with the God of Thunder; Thor, this runes symbolizes cathartic destruction. Unhappiness for some, but also indicates that the way is clear for new beginnings.

Pronunciation: (awn-sooze)  Variations: Os    Letter: O     Meaning: Mouth, Breath
Runic spell - Convincing and magnetic speech, to gain wisdom, confidence and luck with exams.
Divination - represents Odin discovering the runes. It is the link between Odin and the modern rune magician signifying truth and verbal expression and clarification. An important message may be forthcoming.

Pronunciation: (rye-though)  Variations: Rad, Raido    Letter: R     Meaning: Riding, Journey
Runic spell -Obtaining justice according to Right, safe and comfortable travel.
Divination -This is the rune of travel. It indicates a physical or spiritual journey or quest. Drawing this rune suggests that you are moving toward the realization of a goal.

Pronunciation: (kane-awze)  Variations: Cen, Cean    Letter: K     Meaning: Ingenious
Runic spell - Use to strengthen any rune spell, healing, physical well being, love, stability and passion in relationships, fresh starts, protection of valuables.
Divination - This rune is associated with Freya, The Norse Goddess of love. It represents positive aspects of sexual love, human passion, creativity and generation on a higher level.

Pronunciation: (gay-boe) or (yee-boe)   Variations: Gifu, Gyfu    Letter: G     Meaning: Gift
Runic spell - Love magicks, increase of magical powers, anything to do with partnerships.
Divination - Indicates gifts of any sort, a union or partnerships.

Pronunciation: (woon-yo)  Variations: Wyn    Letter: W     Meaning: Joy
Runic spell - Fulfillment in any area, ESP, love or career, success in travel.
Divination - Symbol of restoration, promises clarification of things. Joy or changes for the better.

Pronunciation: (haw-gaw-laws)  Variations: Haegal    Letter: H     Meaning: hail, sleet
Runic spell - Protection, use where luck is needed.
Divination - Symbol of hail, setbacks and hardships. But change and liberation are also part of the message.

Pronunciation: (now-these)  Variations: Ar    Letter: A     Meaning: year, good season, harvest
Runic spell - Overcoming stress, achieving your goals, protection.
Divination - Symbol of struggle in the face of adversity. It means need, an overwhelming compulsion to achieve something and you should trust fate for it will guide you to what you need.

Pronunciation: (ee-saw)  Variations: Is    Letter: I     Meaning: Ice, Iron, Metal
Runic spell - To "freeze" a situation as it is, development of will, halting unwanted forces.
Divination - It represents life in stasis, where there is no growth and changes. It also shows for stress, or an individual coldly separated from others.

Pronunciation: (yare-awe)  Variations: Ger    Letter: G     Meaning: Year, Harvest
Runis spell - use when tangible result is expected for an outlay of money, time or effort, helps to bring events to pass, helps in legal matters, fertility.
Divination - It means "year" and the symbol suggests the seasons' cycles. It offers a waiting period, allowing time in which growth may come naturally.

Pronunciation: (eye-wawz)  Variations: Eihwaz    Letter: S     Meaning: Yew Trees
Runic spell - Protection, increase in power, removal of obstacles.
Divination - Sacred because it symbolizes the yew tree from which Odin hung himself. Protects against adversity and 'evil'.

Pronunciation: (perth-row)  Variations: Peord    Letter: P     Meaning: Hunt
Runic spell - Evolving your magickal ideas, use when dealing with investments or speculations, use for finding lost things.
Divination - symbol of chance and fate. Beliefs are that the layers of past action shape the future.

Pronunciation: (all-yeese)  Variations: Eolhx-Secg, Algiz, Alhiz    Letter: X and Z    Meaning: protection
Runic spell - Protection from enemies, protection from evil, promotes friendships, strengthens luck and the life force.
Divination - Symbolizes the hand with splayed fingers, a universal symbol of protection. anyone who draws Elhaz will be blessed during tribulation and will face temptation without giving in.

Pronunciation: (soe-wee-low)  Variations: Sigel    Letter: S     Meaning: Sun, Victory
Runic spell - Victory, success, used for healing, strength and self confidence.
Divination - This rune represents the Sun which is the opposite of Isa. It predicts challenging periods of spiritual growth and promises a path leading toward the objective. It foretells extremely intense transformation.

Pronunciation: (tea-wawz)  Variations: Tir, Tyr    Letter: T     Meaning: North Pole, Star, Lodestone
Runic spell - Victory (when competition is an factor), good health.
Divination - Rune of the Norse God Tyr, it stands for his qualities of bravery, justice and truth. Drawing this rune signifies that sacrifice and courage may now be required in the name of justice.

Pronunciation: (bear-kawn-oh)  Variations: Berkana, Beorc    Letter: B     Meaning: Birch Tree
Runic spell - Fertility, protection, family matters.
Divination - Symbol of Mother Earth, it relates to the cycles of life, birth and death and promises the blessings of peace and fertility.

Pronunciation: (ay-wawz)  Variations: Eh, Ehwaz    Letter: E     Meaning: Horse
Runic spell - Brings change fast, safe travel.
Divination - Symbol of reaching a physical or spiritual destination. The peaceful union of two people in an emotional relationship may also be foretold by this rune if drawn.

Pronunciation: (mawn-nawz)  Variations: Man   Letter: M     Meaning: Human
Runic spell - To gain the assistance of others, increase in memory and mental powers.
Divination - This is the symbol for the self. The power of intelligence, rationality and memory are represented here.

Pronunciation: (law-gooze)  Variations: Lagu    Letter: L     Meaning: Lake, Water, Sea
Runic spell - use to contact your intuitive faculties, increase in vitality and the life force, helps to gather in energies for use by will.
Divination - signifies initiation, emotion, intuition and dreams.

Pronunciation: (eeng-wawz)  Variations: Inguz, Ing    Letter: IN     Meaning: Fertility
Runic spell - Fertility, to release energy suddenly, to bring something to a good end.
Divination - Signifies fertility and gestation. It warns that adequate time must be allowed in order for difficult tasks to be completed.

Pronunciation: (oath-awe-la)  Variations: Epel, Opila    Letter: O     Meaning: land
Runic spell - Good for financial increase, to change an attitude, new beginnings
Divination - It promises a short waiting period for the completion of a process. It has been described as the break of dawn, a mystical moment in which all opposites can be expected to meld.

Pronunciation: (thaw-gauze)  Variations: Daeg    Letter: D     Meaning: Day
Runic spell - When paired with Fehu, good for monetary gains, use whenever health of the elderly is the issue, protection of possessions.
Divination - Othalo means ancestral property or homeland and relates alternatively to the drawers family or to the spiritual or professional heritage.


Reading The Runes

There are a variety of ways to read a set of runes. Know that there are many other ways of reading runes besides what are described here:
1. Getting a yes or no answer:
To get a yes or no answer, begin by rolling the stones around in their bag. Think of your question as you handle the runes. Turn them out into your hand and lay the bag down on the floor or table. Cast the runes onto the bag. Discard those that do not touch the bag itself and count the runes that are on the bag. If the majority of the runes are facing down, then the answer is "no." If most of the runes on the bag are facing up, then the answer is "yes."

2. Reading three runes:
Turn the runes over in the bag as you think of your question. Without looking, select one rune and place it on the table in front of you. This signifies the problem. Without looking, draw a second rune and place it beside the first. This runes represents what you are faced with, the challenge, if you will. Draw a third rune and place it on the table. This rune tells you what you need to do. By interpreting this spread, you can easily find an answer to a very specific question.

3. The Celtic Cross Reading:
The Celtic cross reading is similar to that done in tarot. This spread is very broad and can be used for a general reading. It is not a good reading for specific questions.

4. Casting the Lot:
This, like the Celtic Cross Reading, can be used as a general reading. Turn the runes over in the bag three times and then cast them out onto the floor. Ignore runes that are facing down as they are irrelevant. Runes closest to you represent the present. The further a rune is from you, the further it is in the future. Runes "point" to things depending on which way they are facing. Many runes are arrow shaped and can indicate what it stands for moving toward or away from you. Runes that are touching have an immediate impact on each other.